Toroidal Sphere

Hello everyone! My name is Stefano, i’m quite new with GH and i’m stuck with this script. Hope that someone can help me to fix it ! :smile: I have attached the script and 3 images to make you more understanding.
I have used CONSTRUCT POINT that has the x,y,z input . If u see the first two images the sphere does’nt look like the 3 image (my goal). I was trying to achieve the result using some the sliders, but still i’m stuck.

Thanks to everyone

Toroidal (12.6 KB)

Thank you very much


Much easier/simpler to use a surface of revolution; here’s one way to do that:

screenshot_01 (8.3 KB)

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Lunchbox has a component

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You make tori with just Grasshopper using a C# script and RhinoCommon. (8.3 KB)

– Dale

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I just couldn’t help myself, so I printed 2 of them

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Thanks u all! I think i’m going for Lunchbox 'cause i have it already.