Problem with Lunchbox and non-rectangular surfaces. Please help!

I have a huge problem with Lunchbox. I need to create a bulding with a moutain-like facade with triangular panels. I thought that Lunchbox will be great. And thats when problem begun. It turns out that Lunchbox has very hard time with such surfaces.

I made it by drawing a simple polygon using polyline within rhino. Then in grasshopper I used boundary surface and baked. Then I rebuilt the surface in Rhino and lifted on of the vertices. This is not the final building but the method and workflow is the same.

When I had this surface I plugged it right to Lunchbox and this happend.

By now I think I tried everything - that’s why I am writing here. From reparameterizing, through Surface Split, Region and Solid Intersection, Brep | Brep, Patching. I even recreated whole surface in Grasshopper throuhg Isotrim, Attractors and Surface from Points and it all did nothing. I also tried Surface Morph but it not only almost killed my laptop - it also doesn’t work.

If anyone has any ANY idea how to do it - maybe different plugins, some Rhino magic, anything - please, please help!

upload your gh file with internalise data.

Here’s the file. (59.2 KB)

You are suffering from the typical trimmed surface subdivision problem.
Have a look at the attachment. (52.3 KB)


This is EXACLY what I needed! Thank you! Feels quite weird if not embarrasing that what took me so many painful hours is just a “classic mistake”, nontheless I am very, very happy it is solved! Thank you once again!!