LunchBox vs. usual way


I created this model (see Picture). It is a surface, divided into quad-panels via LunchBox-Tool.
Is there anybody who knows what I would have to do, if I didnt had the chanceof using LunchBox, to get the same result?
I want to make a comparison of the efford to design the same model with and without Tools from the community.
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Hey, post the surface to be able to compare better/easier.Thanks

LunchBox (30.9 KB)
LunchBox Test.3dm (95.2 KB)

Hey, thanks for your respond. There you go. I simply connected 4 curves that are flexible and set them as the Input to create the surface. It doesnt matter if the surfaces arent equal to my Picture. To me it is only important to have the script for the paneling without using LunchBox.

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Probably what is LunchBox doing id making a grid of points and connect it to a 4Point Surface

with the lunchbox tool you can take any kind of surface. it also works with complexer ones. Do you know how the script would look like?
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Hi @heiko.hornef,

Another way is to create the points from SubSrf component.
LunchBox (12.1 KB)