Topography and subregions


I have a rhino file with 3d surfaces of different types modelled from data in grasshopper (grass, roads…). I would like to transfer these surfaces in revit as a topography with subregions.

I tried as directshapes but it gives me triangulated faces in revit (trimmed surfaces in rhino)
Then I tried to create the topography in revit from rhino (topography from points). It works but I have absolutely no idea if it is possible to create subregions from grasshopper. (or split it)

Has anyone worked on something similar ?


hmm, i haven’t worked in Revit topography in a while but if i recall it prefers topo lines with an even dispersion of points. The old trick was to convert the lines in Autocad to a revision cloud then back to a polyline to give an even spacing of points.

here i added 2 points at the top curve elevation and one at the bottom to create the flat parts

regions are planar closed curves that will split individually if grafted.


Wow thank you very much for help !
And for taking time for such a detailed reply :slight_smile:

I can’t believe I didn’t saw the regions options on the topography node, must be tired ^^
It works beautifully !