Feedback Rhino Inside Revit

Here is my return after a quick use:

  • the grasshopper window is permanent it closes with each action outside of revival it is very disturbing
    *when creating the family it would be interesting to be able to make a subcategory by geometry inside family
    *I have the impression that the topographic elements(direct shape with topography catégory) are inert and cannot work with revitalised on these objects

A very good plugin with great potential,

I’ll continue my tests and probably come back here!


I have the same opinion about that. Rhino/Grasshopper shouldnt close just because I am checking something in Revit or in any other Program.
Its disturbing that I have to open it every time again. Is there a possibility to change that?


Thanks for your feedback.

  1. The Grasshopper and Rhino window thing is something we know should be changed.
  2. When creating a family you can assign subcategories to the geometry using the FamilyElement.ByBrep. This definition may be used to define a Railing family.
  3. Instead of adding a DirectShape in the Topography category, please use the Topography.ByPoints it will create a system TopographySurface in the Revit model.
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Thanks @kike

Hi kike,

is it possible to create a curve (in rhino) from a property line in revit?

a property line is a subcategory from the site category… so I can’t filter it with direct.shapes.category or document.categories.picker…

i would like to filter it like an element, just like I can filter some category such as walls or floors

You can use the ‘Element Geometry’ component to extract the curves from it.