Split Topography, is there a component?

I’m have issues with splitting topography model in Revit. Basically what I’m doing now is making a topography with cloud of points with the “Add topography” component and bake it to Revit. Afterwards I bake a polyline region I want to split into sketch lines to Revit (Revit must take the polyline exploded for that). When I get to the part I want to split the topography I end up struggling selecting and picking the sketch lines in an easy way (which is Revit’s fault). So I found out there’s this “Add Topography Region” component which makes subdivision the the topography (inside the main topography). the problem is that it’s stuck with the main topography and I can’t split it. It is so easy to split a mesh in rhino, and it’s so frustrating in Revit. Is there a component or another idea to make it, am I missing something?
I want to get the final result to Revit, which is the splatted topography.

Hi Or Tsafir, I’m not seeing an Revit API method that mimics the UI button function.

You could get the underlying linework from the separate sub-regions to create a new topo.

The thing is, the topo is a planned one against existing. I need the correlation between them. I’m already using that “underlying linework” to create the region. Just need to split it instead. Hope they will add an UI for that, but the post there is from 2017 :joy:

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