Multiple Topo Sub Regions Come into Revit as one element


I am using the “Add Topography(Points)” component with RIR and am trying to create multiple sub-regions with a set of curves, that are individually selectable in Revit.

However, when I create the sub-regions, the Revit geometry that is created is in fact one monolithic sub-region(highlighted in blue). If I mouse over the sub-region that is made from multiple curves with the component, you can see that it highlights every sub-region as one element.

I have tried the curves as a flat list and as a grafted tree. If I use a list, I get one element from the multiple sub-regions, if I graft the curves, I get as many copies of the topography as their are curves in the tree.

However, it would be great if it were possible to either group or individually access the sub-regions after the component generates the topography. The component currently does not allow me to access the sub-regions individually, which I need to do in order to assign different materials to the various sub-regions. Right now if I were to assign a material to this element, all sub-regions would be the same material.

Lastly, it would be nice if it were possible to cut regions out of an existing topography that already exists in Revit. As far as I know, it is not possible to reference an existing topography with RhinoInside and cut regions out of it, while maintaining the topography’s editable points.


i agree, there needs to be a way to add regions to an existing toposurface.

How are you grafting? Perhaps try on a simpler curves first, those look rather complicated.

I am grafting the “R” input to the Topography component (see image). This test is with two simple rectangles. The output is two duplicate topographies for each curve attached to the “R” input. The regions are successfully created, but with extraneous topo duplication. You can see the output quantity of the GH component in the Revit filter count that I have circled in the lower right of the screenshot, which shows two topo surfaces were created, one for each input region.

Flatten produces the same object count as if creating it by UI

I agree, but the two sub-regions are still not able to be individually selected via the use of Tab.

However, in order to get at what I am looking for, I would have to create two separate sub regions using the UI method, for a total of 3 surfaces (2 separate sub regions and 1 topo surface) I was just wondering if there was a quicker method to create multiple separate sub-regions with RiR, since I have numerous sub-regions that I need to create.

Unfortunately i’m not seeing a lot of options in the Revit Api, unless we can find a method of differentiating those we might be limited to the UI.

Did you see this post?

There is a python component to add regions available.

Thanks for the fast response, I will check out these other posts

Would extruding and splitting apart the desired subregions in a mesh editor and then once in rhino linking each of those as a new toposurface get the desired result? Probably could run into issues when building elements span multiple toposurfaces. Of course, you’ll have to convert your survey points into a mesh representation.