Rhino DirectShapes Workflow

I am new to Rhino (unless you count a semester I was taught it back in college) and we are needing to bring a huge site in Rhino into Revit for a master plan of a downtown area. I looked into it and I think for all the updates we will get the best workflow would be to use Rhino.Inside.Revit and to use the Direct Shapes as the import by layer, so we can control what is turned on and off in the model. I feel this is best because the site is to be really generic overall. The problem is that the video that talks about this did not go over where all the elements in Grasshopper came from, so I could not recreate the workflow. Is there a tutorial video or guide that I can use that would go over this workflow? I wanted us to avoid doing this via importing into CAD and cleaning up the file each week when we get a new model and feel this workflow would be so much better. Thanks!

Your post should be in the Rhino.Inside Revit category, so I would suggest you move it there for more exposure.

On to your question: Why don’t you just create a Toposurface in Revit using RIR? It just asks for a collection of points and then creates the TS in Revit.

Thanks, I got it updated as I missed that category last night.

We have more than just site, we have buildings, some site design elements, roads, and bridges that need to come over. We have tried to use a 3dm file and it will either crash after trying to load it for over an hour or it will give an error that Revit cannot load. Right now we are looking at bringing into CAD and then bringing it into Revit to create our own families and will have to manually do that many times if anything changes. I found Revit.Inside.Revit and thought that it will do exactly what we need to a modeled 3d district of a downtown that new designs will go into this Master Plan. I feel the workflow would be much better overall for us and everyone who is working on it.

This is the the Grasshopper File I was trying to create to see if it will work:

ah, I see. If it’s just for quick drawings then that should work just fine

If I can figure out how to do the flow pattern in Grasshopper. I have never used it and was hoping for some assistance, whether there is a tutorial I can watch to teach me to do it or something else.

It seems in that video they are showing the script and how to put it together. You need to use RIR to see the Revit components, if that helps.

I do have Rhino Inside Revit and they do show the script, but I do not know what those items are, so I cannot recreate this by just looking at it. If someone knew what those items were I could probably recreate it.