Edit existing topography from Revit / Graded Region

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I’m new to this forum because I recently started to test RiR and I would like to contribute to this project with some tests/feedback to improve it.

Since I mainly work with topographies in Revit, and it is usually quite painful to edit them point by point, (generating first a graded region to keep track of the cut and fill calculation), I would like to know if there’s a way to import an existing topography in GH from Revit, to edit its points after having created a graded surface and to transfer back the updated topography to Revit.
Is there anything already implemented in RiR / or someone has worked on any custom workflow for that?

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I messed with it a tad. The ideal process you mention isn’t doable at the moment, that said i do believe they will be releasing an update soon that offers more persistence.

Thanks for your reply Rickson…
I’ll be waiting for updates then, hopefully soon!

I would be interested too, how about extracting the points of the topo in REVIT and recreating a brep in GRASSHOPPER ?

I believe this is the way to go. I have already used existing mesh geometry in Rhino and created Revit topo using it. I think doing it other way around is also possible. Import Revit topography into Grasshopper using “Element Geometry” and edit its vertices, then use that geometry to create Revit topography by usign “Add Topography (Mesh)” or “Add Topography (Points)”.

I am on it

Import and convert topography RHINO.INSIDE.REVIT.gh (8.5 KB)

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