Toolbars collapsed



on the NNTP newsgroup I gave up, here I can try again.
The toolbars are shrinked, they were not when Rhino was closed.

Today I’m lucky, often the floating toolbars come up with no single button, just the chevron.


(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Charles, let’s see if the new system can summon developer @JohnM more efficiently… John, any idea here?


(Brian Gillespie) #3

I believe @stevebaer also was involved with some recent toolbar size fixes. He may have an idea what to do here.

(Steve Baer) #4

I’m going to need to go through the code with @JohnM a little bit to figure out what could possibly be happening.

(John Morse) #5

Hi Charles, I need to examine the file that Rhino is loading when this problem occurs, would it be possible for you to send me your RUI file before closing Rhino when you see this next? Closing Rhino will update the RUI file and I would like to see the file before it is modified so I can try to duplicate it on my, I would also like to examine the RUI file so I can see what data it contains.


Hi John,

here it is, see attached ZIP.

Hope you can find the cause now.


(John Morse) #7

I was finally able to reproduce this on a developers machine in our office and get it fixed. The fix will be available in SR5 or newer builds of Rhino 5.0.


Very good news, thanks!