Toolbars don't keep their size

Really, I don’t know what to say about this anymore, how to title my post or even whether I should continue to report these things…

I closed my V8 - which has a custom .rui linked but there were only two small toolbars showing in it when I closed it. I installed the latest 8.2 SRC and then re-opened V8. This is what I got:

The two small toolbars OrthoAngle and CustomLower you see in the image were the only ones open from the .rui when I closed Rhino. Now all of the other toolbars in the .rui are open, huge and all over the place, stacked on top of each other etc.

This is just (to put it politely) a mess. :exploding_head:


Your Rhino runs in English.
You might dare to switch to another language, let’s say German.
I’d be interested to see what your toolbars would look like.

Yeah, that’s for later maybe. Generally I have German installed because we teach apprentices for all of CH, including the German-speaking areas, but I only use the standard workspace when teaching.

I suggested the language switch because I created a toolbar when Rhino was running in German.
After switching to English, the toolbar was partially destroyed.
Fortunately, the toolbar came back when I switched back to German.
And no, I don’t want to go back and explain in detail what I did.

What confuses me is that there is rarely any response to the (many) reported UI problems.
No hint, no solution, no nothing.
Detailed problem reports seem to be useless, it feels like they are simply ignored.

My impression is that the UI is being left behind.
At least I do not see any advantage.

@Helvetosaur I think this is yet another example of the fact that size of toolbars is not remembered.
RH-76803 Detaching toolbars modifies its size + size is not stored after modifying.

I will try to repeat. You say partially destroyed, did those toolbars have icons, text or both?

Not “not remembered”. Completely broken. There’s no reason that they should ever size like that, they were not made that way. And, the fact that they were open or closed was not “remembered” either.

I completely agree it is broken. But that yt is not only about ‘being remembered’ but also about that sizes are modified when detached. I do think it’s the same bug.
There is also this yt: RH-70719 “Size to Content” does not re-size floating container properly
But I think that has the same cause. Imo a toolbar should never be bigger than the content, and snap to button height increments.

The size is even not ‘remembered’ when docked.
This is seen directly after _Reset:

I remember some buttons simply disappeared leaving a blank space or showing completely different text.
As said, I don’t like to try again for now.

Yeah, that’s not very pretty. But I don’t think this is a resize issue, that toolbar is just too narrow to display all the tabs. Making it 5 icons wide is not a good solution though.
Rhino 7 used vertical tabs, and you could still do that:

How did you switch to vertical Like R7


After _Reset, then switch to vertical:

Yes I know, make the left strip 5 icons wide, then it’s good.

RH-78753 Osnaps disappear when scaling the sidebar