The never-ending story of missing toolbars

Hi All

So… I’m about to start a weeks work with a client tomorrow morning, and just wanted to check, that all was well with this fairly new Alienware laptop, and for the first time in my Rhino career (going back to the beta days!) all my toolbars are gone - as in " the RUI files are gone", not just “not showing when I start Rhino”. My "appdata/roaming/etc…/UI folder is empty, except for two folders “system” and “temp”. System has the MRU *.rui file (but it’s empty) and the “temp” folder is empty! Toolbarreset doesn’t work, obviously. Re-install is out of the question, as the license has been checked out, and I won’t be stopping by the office for another week or so. Any good suggestions?

TIA, Jakob

If you can manage without any custom rui files you may have had, someone could post their rui files for you, then you would have at least the std menus.

// Rolf


Yeah, that was my initial thought as well. I don’t have any custom menus, actually - I mainly use my 200+ aliases :no_mouth: I guess I’ll just have someone back at “base camp” email me the RUI tomorrow. Thanks for the input!

Jakob :slight_smile:

Here’s mine for R5. Hopefully better than nothing.

default.rui (8.9 MB)

// Rolf

Perfect @RIL - thanks a billion! It worked like a charm! Much appreciated :smiley: