Toolbar hell

Hopefully I can get to the bottom of this problem…
I have a customised toobar layout which speeds up my workflow dramatically,the problem is it will randomly disappear leaving a big empty spaces where the toolbars should be…ok no big deal you would think!

So browse to my custom rui files and open…screen flashes and nothing happens…its like they hold no data?
Sometimes rhino decides to untick the “show sidebar box” just for added fun.
I have back up files in different locations from over the years and none of them will open,It happens randomly in between opening and closing files and I waste tons of work time trying to fix it.
The only way I can seem to open them is to restore to default and import an rui file from an external hard drive.
Rhino is a great programme but something is very wrong with this part of the software.
Any help greatly appreciated

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Is this with Rhino 5 or Rhino 6?

Rhino 5

For Rhino 6 we’ve been tracking some bugs down that could be related to this as well.

What is your decimal separator set to for your machine? You should be able to find that information through the control panel under region & language settings (date, time and currency format settings).


Everything looks identical to the screenshot in your message.

Ok thanks, I was hoping you had the comma set as separator, but apparently you have it set to the dot?

yep afraid so.
I would upgrade to rhino 6 if this was fixed it drives me crazy.

Note that it was only a hypothesis that these were related issues. You could just download the evaluation of Rhino 6 and check if there are problems for your system in that version.

Hi Jim - I don’t have an idea about the flashing and nothing happening when you open an RUI… can you send us the RUI that causes this and then the one, if different, that works?


latest.rui (10.0 MB)
Sorry for the delay
This is one of many RUI files that stopped working.

Quick update…open Rhino 5 this morning "Root element is missing"and none of my custom RUI’s will open.

ve uploaded an image

If there’s a greater indictment of Windows usability than people taking photographs of their screens, I can’t think of one.

Thats a fair point.
Do you have anything useful to add to the topic?

Nope, just making fair points. Carry on.