Disappearing Toolbars and Getting them back

For the millionth time, since getting R3 10 years ago or thereabouts, my toolbars disappeared when I opened Rhino today. No matter what I’ve ever tried, they won’t come back and I have to manually rearrange them. They don’t all take the first time and I will be trying to get them the way I want for the next few days. WHAT A JOY!

  1. Is there something I can do to stop this from happening? Admittedly V5 is better than V4 was but it still sucks.
  2. Is there some way I can get them back without the manual rearrangement? I’ve never been able to restore my saved toolbar arrangement. I think V4 was better in this regard. At least if I reselected the tool box I wanted it would reappear in the place it previously was.

This is on a W7 box with dual monitors, most recent Rhino 5 build, etc. It also happens with my wife’s computer which has very different hardware but runs W7 and dual monitors. This may have been as the result of Rhinos auto update. So the last question, how do I permanently turn that off. I thought I had it off but apparently not.

@Rhinogoth , is this any better with more recent service releases?


Considering you’ve been using Rhino so long, I doubt this is your problem, but the only time I’ve had trouble with my toolbar layout is when I have multiple Rhino sessions going after an update. I’m not big on updating unless there is a bug fixed that affects me, or a new feature I need. When I do update, there is a bit of a procedure to go through, one of which is to open Rhino, make sure everything is good, then close it. Then open it multiple times if I need to. From memory its only only the major updates - I’ve been through them all - where you lose templates, toolbars etc.