Rhino 7 Appearance - Colours Linked Weirdly

I’ve just purchased an upgrade to Rhino 7 and have loaded up my usual settings and found that the Layer and Properties tabs text is not visible (well actually it’s white on a white background). See image:

I’ve worked my way through the colours and have found that this text is called “Window Text” but this lumps it in with the Toolbar and Viewport label text so makes it impossible to have an inverted (dark) colour scheme.

In Rhino 6 the Layer and Properties tab text was non-editable (as far as I can tell) so stayed black and readable.

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Hello - you might try PackageManager in V7 search for ColorScheme… that thing might make this all a bit easier.


EditBoxBackground is probably the new color in V7 that you will also want to modify. See this thread for a discussion of the setting

Thanks Pascal, this is not quite what I was looking for, although the ColorScheme plugin does seem to impliment the EditBoxBackground colour that Steve suggested. So changing the colour of the background of those boxes will work.

The next problem I find is that the background colour of the Standard toolbar is linked to the lower gradient colour of the forground which wasn’t a problem in v6 as the background ‘tabs’ had their own colour (like the background tabs still do on the Layer/Properties panel). The problem is that when you set the two forground colours of the Standard toolbar to be ‘flat’ or the same, then you have no depth to the tabs and it’s harder to quickly identify which tab is in focus - a rather small gripe I guess but still a downgrade in usability from v6 to v7 in my view.

Thanks Steve, That’ll work for now.