WindowColor3 broken in Rhino 7

It looks like WindowColor3 is broken in Rhino 7.
I can assign whatever color and it’s not changing

thanks, Tobias

It is changing something… But not the same as before. What I see here is the little gear icon in the panels changes color… that’s it.



Ok… well spotted Mitch!
But it should actually change the background color of inactive toolbar, panel and viewport tabs:

It’s also the end color when you hover over a toolba button (MouseOverControlEnd).
Actually that seems to work.

Hi Tobias -

All this has changed and will likely continue to change to get a functional “Dark Mode” on Windows. You’ll have to search for “color” in the Rhino Options > Advanced section or try the somewhat experimental ColorScheme plug-in that is available on the PackageManager.

Thanks Wim! Duidelijk…

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