Tool Palette for installed plugin

I’m working on a Mac and have a tool palette in the form of a plist file working for my plugin. It’s in a Resources folder and when I build and run the plugin from Visual Studio, Rhino opens and the only tool bar is the one I created. However, I am having trouble seeing this toolbar when I have the plugin installed and open rhino independent of running it from Visual Studio.

I followed this guide and at the end it says it should be loaded but I’m not sure where to find it. I don’t see it in the Window > Active Tool Palettes drop down either.

Am I missing something from that guide? Am I looking in the wrong place? Any help would be appreciated!

Hi @efoley,

Click Rhinoceros > Preferences > Themes and select Rhino for Windows. When finished, re-open your document.

Does this help?

– Dale

Hey Dale,

I’m still not seeing the tool palette after changing the theme. Should it appear as a tab after changing the theme and re-opening?

@dan - is this something you can help with?