Loading Tool Palettes (Mac) Rhino8

i am a bit confused on how to handle the toolbar loading for my plugin in rhino8 for MacOs.

  • First of all, is this still the way? : Rhino - Loading Tool Palettes (Mac)
    To me it seems this only works sometimes. (i deleted and reinstalled the plugin several times (packedmanager) an it only worked sometimes.
    Once i close the floating window (my toolbar) i can’t find a way to reopen it (hence the many attempts to reinstall). In rhino7 this was under Window>Active Tool Palettes. Now we have the Container thing but here, the .plist palette is nowher to be found, instead it shows me the windows .rui version?! (see next point).

  • Does rhino8 for MacOs support .rui files? Because it keeps finding the backup save of my windows package RUI file in a personal folder?! (But it does not show automatically)

  • In rhino8 for MacOs the TestEditToolPaletteCollection command only lets you load a file (in rhino7 you can create one from scratch) but you can’t do anything with it (make a toolbar, rearrange, etc). Is this broken?

  • Also, the .rui toolbar docks nicely as a tab in my standard toolbar. the .plist toolbar only works as a floating window.

So confused with rhino8 :pleading_face: