Toolbar menu problem

Hi guys. I was trying to create my menu for MAC. Under windows I created rui file that is working perfectly. I followed manual (Loading Tool Palettes (Mac) with C#) but without luck.
At this moment I created a simple toolbar with one empty button (no images, nothing, to make it as simple as it could be). I save it as FelixExportToolbar.plist
I have following code in my plugin:
var plistPath = “/Applications/Rhino”;
if (!System.IO.File.Exists(plistPath))
System.Windows.Forms.MessageBox.Show("Toolbar file not found: " + plistPath);
bool didLoad = RhinoMac.Runtime.MacPlatformService.LoadToolPaletteCollection(plistPath);
if (!didLoad)
MessageBox.Show(“Faild to load pallette”);

My application tests if file exists, and than I see message “Failed to load pallette”.

What is more strange for me. I’ve been trying to test the palette file from Rhino with command ImportPreferenzes, and I get error: “The selected file is not a valid options file”.

I’m using Rhino 7.10

I still don not understand but is starts working. Maybe that was some permissions problem. Here is what I have done:

  • when I was testing I copy the plist file using Mac Finder into Rhino PlugIns directory. I have restarted Rhino 100 times without luck
  • I gave up. Decided that maybe it is some Rhino bug. I decided that it is better to create beta version with commands that can be started in Command window without toolbar. So I create a mac package (.pkg) with the same files like before
  • I started installer, started Rhino and menu has appeared.

I’m in 100% sure that the files are identical as they were before.
I’m new to Rhino, so if there is some way to debug such a situations (tell Rhino to write some log) please let me know.

I have sent the .pkg to one of our beta testers and the toolbar does not appear. Please tell me how I can Debug this.

Another question. It looks that on second computer the toolbar was loaded correctly bu it was not enabled. How I can enable it from code?

Apologies for the delayed reply. I have been investigating and I don’t think we have a way to enable the tool-palette as a RhinoCommon call.

This is an area of active development for Rhino 8 for Mac - we are completely revising this entire system of toolbars across both platforms. Cold comfort in this situation, I know.