Tiny mouse pointer feedback bug in extend command

When running the Extend command in dynamic extend mode (so not selecting a boundary object or entering an extension length) and you get the selection menu popping up, the mouse is shown differently than I would expect.

So this is what the mouse pointer looks like in dynamic extend mode when it’s asking to select a curve to extend (I call this the selection mouse pointer and this is expected):

Then when I have 2 objects on top of each other it asks me to select to correct curve and the mouse pointer becomes a “regular pointer”.

then when I selected a curve and extended it, the command line is showing me that I can select another curve to extend. But the mouse pointer didn’t revert back to the “selection mouse pointer” so when I don’t look at the command line I think the command has finished.

I find this hard to explain as I apparently cannot make screenshots using the regular mouse pointer.

Steps to reproduce:
Draw a line.
Copy the line and paste in the same place.
Start extend command
Press enter for dynamic extend
Notice what your mouse pointer looks like (correct)
Click on the lines causing the selection menu to pop up
Select any of the lines
Extend the line
Notice what your mouse pointer looks like now (wrong)

@siemen Is this the cursor you expect?snap00%207-18-2019
Edit: Same in Rhino 5 and 7 WIP

Yep, I see that, thanks.



No, it’s the one shown in my first post with the red circle around. That’s the one I expect but it disappears after the selection menu popped up.

Hmmm…I’ve never gotten the first red-circled cursor, always the pseudo crosshair cusor. i.e.:

Second clip and scroll down under ‘Command line options’

I mean after you finished extending the first line, not while you are actually extending:

Sorry for the confusion; I more carefully re-read your initial comment. The pointer does revert to the “selection mouse pointer” in Version 6 SR17 (6.17.19196.20021, 7/15/2019)