Extend command not working properly

With the new release, the extend command does not work as it previously did. I select the line i would like to extend another one to, then select the line(s) I want to extend, and it forces me to manually drag a line extension from each line to be extended. Worse still, when I drag it to the desired point, it doesn’t actually draw the line that long; it draws it shorter. This has happened repeatedly throughout the new release and is making drawing in 2D really frustrating.

I’m not seeing this. Can you make a simple test file that illustrates the problem?

sounds like your 2 lines aren’t on the same plane.

one way to get all the lines on the same plane is to select them all then run the SetPt command… deselect the X & Y boxes (i.e.- only set the points on the z axis) -> press the set points button-> type 0 (zero) in the next prompt -> press return.

this will put all the lines flat on ground plane. (and assumes you’re drawing 2D in the top view)
_Extend should work in the way you’re expecting it to after that.