Cannot dynamically extend curves

After a bit of a V6 vacation, jumping back in. Over here on 6.0.15237.13491, 8/25/2015 it doesn’t seem I can dynamically extend any curves. I just get “unable to extend curve.” Curve type doesn’t seem to matter (as far as I can tell).


I see that here. But it’s only for the combination dynamic and Natural. Arc, Line, and Smooth all work, also in dynamic mode.

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Hi Sam, Wim - Extend now prefers the natural extension of a curve - if the curve is highly curved at the end, the natural exptension may be to hook back sharply and it may look like it is not working. Use ToPoint to force the extension to follow the cursor. This now makes extending freeform curves match the behavior of extending Arcs - extend in the natural direction and use ToPoint to follow the cursor.

Any of that work for you?


Hmm, I don’t think I understand. If I draw a line (so no curvature), and try and extend dynamically using natural, I get Unable to extend curve. I don’t have a ToPoint option (I had only thought this was part of ExtrudeCrvToPoint type of commands).


Hmmm indeed - it is working as expected here. You don’t have grid snap on or something do you??


Enter to bypass boundary selection (btw, watch for changes here, we are fussing with making ToBoundary an option and having dynamic extend be the default)

Click on the end of your line or curve - you get the error message? Any snaps or ortho or anything on?


Command: None Command: _SelNone Command: Extend Select boundary objects or enter extension length. Press Enter for dynamic extend ( Type=Natural ): Select curve to extend ( Type=Natural ): Unable to extend curve.
This is on a straight line...

OK… weird -perhaps the next WIP will have this solved - it does seem to work fine here in the build of the day. There has been some churn in the command lately but I never ran across this problem.