Small interface bug in dynamic extend

When I activate the dynamic extend command and it asks for an input curve the mouse pointer changes shape, to like a tiny airplane from top view. This happens in a lot commands actually and I like this.

But, when the dynamic extend command is active and I have a few curves on top of each other the selection menu pops up. The mouse then changes to its normal shape and after I extended one curve it keeps it normal shape which makes me think that I’m out of the command and I type in the command again. But the command was in fact still active. So it would be good if the mouse changes back to that tiny airplane shape. In other commands I haven’t experienced this problem.

Hope it’s clear, I cannot take screenshots to show it since it removes my mouse pointer from the screen.

Hello - I think I know what you mean but so far I only ever see then cross-hairs cursor. Does this fail to show every time for you when you have the choose-one-object menu?


Yes, it happens every time. The corss hair cursor does appear after I selected, that’s not the issue. It’s after I’ve extended one curve and I would like to extend another curve.

So here’s how it now goes:
Normal cursor
Activate command - Paperplane cursor
Selection menu - Normal cursor (this is ok)
Extending selected curve - Cross hair cursor (this is also ok)
Done with extending the first curve, now I want to extend another curve - Normal cursor (this should be the paperplane cursor again since the command is still active)

Try it.

OK - so, I think what you see is the ‘normal’ cursor for selection and the crosshairs for ‘get point’ Once you start to extend a curve, you should get crosshairs while extending - Rhino is asking for a point location, but in between curves, Rhino is asking for an object, not a point, so the cursor is the selection one.


I think you didn’t get what I meant.

Before I start the command the cursor is normal, so that means there’s no command running.
After I typed “ExtendDynamic” and pressed enter the cursor changes shape to the selection cursor (but only when the pointer is inside the viewport) which means it’s asking for a curve as input.
Then when I click on 2 curves on top of each other I get the selection menu and the cursor turns normal again. This is ok. Then I select the correct curve from the selection menu and the cross hair cursor shows up asking me for a point as input. This is ok. Then I click on a point, the curve gets extended but the ExtendDynamic command stays active. Now the cursor switched to the normal cursor while it is asking me for the next curve as input. This is a different behavior than when I first started the command and it was showing me the Selection cursor.

It’s really a minor problem but it is wrong and confuses me regularly.

Yep, I see - three cursors show up. I think we can fix that - thanks.


Great, thanks!