Thought on named view

Thoughts on the idea that maybe the top left corner label of the viewport should change to something else if you disturb the camera from a namedview setting.

I find it frustrating when doing a series where the camera has to stay put. If you accidentally nudge the camera, there is no obvious visual cue that your named view isn’t actually the named view it’s labelled as anymore.

Basically I’m saying that if the namedview label is in the viewport, that should mean the view is set up according to that namedview.

Or perhaps put an asterisk on the label or something to show the camera has moved.


Good idea. Or changing the text background color to amber or something.

@dale, we’ve mulled this over in the past- is this something we can do in V6, do you think?


I am also constantly going in to the dialog box and resetting the view for fear that it has moved. I would like to see a little lockable lock icon next to the named view tab, so you could lock the viewport just as you would lock a layer.



I was disappointed when I found out that Neon’s “lock” only related to the rendering, and not to prevent the manipulation of the view. This has been a long time wish.

+1 for locking the manipulation of the view. (Scriptable, too, please!)


Was just bit by this again in a different way

resized the side palette with the properties/layers/display/help tabs half way through a series of renders

totally f’d up my render view… no way to get back to the same composition as before

Somehow I feel like namedview should be independent from toolbar/viewport configuration.

Yeah, that is when I use floating viewports not to loose render view size.

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If you know your desired viewport size and it is consistent, you can make a button or alias with a macro such as

! _-ViewportProperties _Size 800 600 _EnterEnd

Viewports will not necessarily re open to the exact size they were when a file is closed, so setting the size explicitly is a good thing if that size matters.


This ‘view lock’ idea would be a good enhancement. I hope it can get up into the v6 implementation pile.

I wished for a fix for this many many times. Especially because it’s not a feature request, it’s a fix for a usability bug. You have a savedview with certain name. If you move it, the viewport camera position it is NOT anymore that saved view, yet the viewport is named like if it was. It’s incorrect and deceiving. It need to be fixed. V6 please :slight_smile:

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