Wish: Add an option to instantly lock/unlock the view with a single mouse click

It would be nice to be able to lock the view with a single mouse click, either via a dedicated icon next to the viewport’s name or by adding an additional right-click option called “Lock view” under “Restore named view”.

Rhino 7 introduced a “Restore named view” right-click option, but it can’t lock the view. Instead, it just restores the currently active saved named view if the camera have been moved prior that.

I’m aware of the “Named views” panel that allows the user to save his or her own camera angle, and I often use it. It’s good. However, this is both slow and sometimes unnecessary, because some people just need a fully locked viewport for a certain amount of time while doing something in the viewport and don’t need it stored in the file late (or don’t want to spend extra time deleting a saved named view).

Taking screen-shots of an assembly step-by-step or a time-lapse for modeling requires use of the same camera angle multiple times, and it gets repetitive to constantly restore a saved viewport (sometimes unnecessary, sometimes necessary) just to ensure that the camera was not accidentally moved at some point.

If a named view have been activated and the camera is then rotated via the mouse, a tiny star * is being added to the name of the viewport. However, manipulating the camera with a 3d connexion mouse does not affect the name of the named viewport, hence the user is unaware of any changes that have happened meanwhile. I can rotate the camera for hours with my 3d mouse and the tiny star * will never show up. Even if you are going to fix that “bug” in a future update, it does not solve the problem entirely, because having to restore the named view before taking each screenshot adds unnecessary mouse clicks and time. :slight_smile:

Hi @Rhino_Bulgaria

I am not sur I understand your needs/intents.

Are the following options helping in a way ?

Via Named View ( extra step, indeed )

Screenshot 2021-05-02 at 08.20.24 !

Mouse Right Click on Viewport Tittle ( quick access )


_LockViewport can be’ Macro Scripted ’ probably.

Rodolfo Santos

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Thanks, I now see that there is a “Locked” option after right-clicking on the viewports label. :slight_smile: Not sure why its name is so confusing, and why it’s not in the same group with “Set view” and “Set camera”.

To “McNeel”: Is no it better to rename “Locked” into something more appropriate, such like “Lock view”?
@pascal , what do you think about that? :slight_smile:

On a side note, locking the view through the “Properties” panel in Rhino 7 for Windows is totally broken, as you can see in the video that I just recorded.

Makes sense/
Locked is an implicit naming logic( probably because that option lives in the context of the active window sub menu ) , but that name is so generic that it may be misinterpreted.
Lock View / Unlock View would be more clear ( + a displayed icon in the viewport ).

Yes I saw this in Rhino for Mac also, I confirm there is something totally unclear in term of use.

The trick is to go to the Viewport Tittle RMB > Unlock view.
That option in the Named Views Tab is unclear.
From what I understood, that option is linked to the Named View. If checked you simply call back a locked Named View but you can’t unlock the active view dynamically from there.
Totally unclear dur to the use of similar option names…

Reason why a displayed icon in the viewport would help to see when it is active or not…

Rodolfo Santos

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Here’s What is for me confusing.

1 - Lock/Unlock a view via the View Sub Manu - Clear
2 - Call a Locked Named View via the Named View Tab - View is locked in the Viewport - Clear
3 - You want to Call back another Named View to replace the active Locked Named View - Refused

The actual only way is to Unlock the active Locked Named view manually via the View Sub Menu, then it is possible to call back another Named View.

I feel like Locked after writing this…

Rodolfo Santos

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