Wish: lock viewport (for rendering)

I think this has been discussed before,
but I want to bring it up again:

it would be very helpful if we could simply “lock” a viewport, so that no manipulation of the camera is possible.

basically like it is possible inside a layout (lock detail)

eg. I sometimes have to do very precise Backplate matching and I simply want to avoid any accidental changes. somtimes one hits the space-mouse or hits an arrow key when being in the wrong viewport and then things can get messed up.

I am aware that I can save a view and lock the widget, but I think that should actually lock the viewport with that name too.


try named views-

you can make a named view that you can recall at any time without the hassle of having the viewport locked and inaccessible.

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Thank you Kyle,

I know about named views.

But I really mean making the viewport “inaccessible”

It the case of rendering and especially a camera to backplate match, you do not want any changes to be made on that particular camera position until work is done, and from my experience it is quite likely that something happens by accident, and might slip my attention. so a named view does not help if I did not notice the slight modification of the view.

Yes, very true. There has been several times when you accidentally orbit and after rendering a series of views, you come to know that they aren’t aligning.
Something should be done.

Hi Kyle, what you call a hassle here, it’s an extremely useful feature in most software used for professional content creation.

Finally having in Rhino a named view that tells you (if you are super careful to watch for it in the viewport title) if you have moved the viewport (camera) unintentionally since your last named-view save.

What’s even better? NOT moving your saved-view unintentionally. Ever. By having also a lock feature.

When creating, and recreating, and updating and comparing renderings we always want to do one of these very clearly opposing things:

A. Move the camera.
B. Not move the camera

Right now Rhino only does A. And lately (after lots of grief from me and others) finally tells you if you did A, by adding an asterisk next to a previously saved named-view.

A lock feature (a toggle checkbox in the viewport menu) would be a lot more useful because it would allow you to do A and B very purposefully and never by accident.


Hi Gustavo,

thanks for outlining this issue in detail

and about this:

is that on Mac?

I cannot see the asterisk anywhere!


For what it is worth, custom realtime rendering viewports can choose to support the little “lock” icon you may notice in the small bar at the bottom of the viewport (e.g. in cycles raytrace). Kind of off-topic, since though it will lock the renderer (if implemented), it will not actually lock the underlying viewport camera. But also kind of on-topic, since it is a locked viewport. :stuck_out_tongue:

So, seems nice to me, to move that out of the renderer’s responsibility, and let them get it for free, along with everyone else, by moving that lock up into the viewport label and having it work universally.

Hi Daniel,

Yes. I’ve added this thread to item RH-1335.

This is how it looks like here:


I have the latest Rhino update but I don’t get that asterisk!!

any clues from McNeel?


It is Rhino 7 WIP only, I think.

Hi - it doesn’t appear to have made its way into the Mac version yet.
EDIT: This was just fixed for Mac 2 days ago and will be in a public WIP next week.

I see, so currently 7 WIP only.

thnx guys,


Do you use V-Ray to render?
Do you know about this option?

I was whining in other thread about cameras but realized that probably it is not McNeel fault but one to blame are chaosgroup developers.

I would like to read something about why Rhino Render can use this very handy option from Render Panel but V-ray can’t. @Peter.Chaushev

Hi Jakub,

I am a long time maxwell user, and a little octane here and there.

But thanks anyway for that hint wasn’t aware of it, haven’t looked at rhino render in a long time.
I think that “named view” option is a good thing to integrate in any renderers output!


I just searched up this topic and found your post, and the setting under the rendering tab. Such a lifesaver, thank you!