Lock Viewport

I was wondering if there could be possible to lock the view so I cannot zoom, rotate etc (I always manage to move things around :joy: user bug). I know I can use named view properties but I’d rather lock it rather than reset it every time by using named views.

Something that could maybe be incorporated to Rhino 6?



Thanks for the request… filed as https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-36434

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Would it be possible to lock the view and then bring it back in the layout lets say on a A3 sheet. Then make the page A2 size then extend the scene up to A2 size showing more of the scene but essentially having the same camera position ?


Thanks for the comments! I added them to the feature request for when it gets looked at.

+1 vote for this feature. This would be really useful!

I see that there has been some development on this feature request, and have noticed the “Lock named view” option in Named Views.
It is not clear how it works because the view does not lock.
I have noticed it multiple workstations using Rhino 6.
Is this a bug?

Hi - locking a viewport is a new feature in Rhino 7.