NamedView panel bugs

Hi @Pascal,

there are some minor bugs with using the NamedView panel. To repeat please do these:

  • Save 3 different named views, each using a different camera position
  • Enable the Animation feature and click on eg. view A, then B to animate
  • Highlight each named view in the panel and enable the “locked” checkbox at the bottom of the NamedView panel
  • If you now double click on a named view in the panel nothing happens, it will also show a (Locked) indication to the right of the viewports title, which is OK
  • unlock each named view from the panel, using the same checkbox

the (Locked) indication stays beside the viewports title and the view remains locked. The only way to unlock the view is from the context menu of the viewport titlle. IMHO, this is hard to discover.

If you RMB on a view in the NamedViews panel and choose Properties, a “Named View Properties” dialog opens which is way to small to fit it’s content.

Deleting / Restoring deleted named views seems to be buggy here too. I can delete and when i Undo the command line says “Undoing Delete Named View”, but the view does not get listed in the NamedView panel, it is not restored.


Hi Clement - thanks, I’ll test this.
I see the locking/unlocking problem.
RH-69049 Named Views - locking/unlocking glitch

I do not see the too-small-dialog here, so far - that may depend on screen resolution or something, I’ll fuss with it.
Here, I do not get any Undo action on deleting named views…


Hi Pascal, thanks for taking a look.