Named view change

Continuing the discussion from Thought on named view:

Any progress on getting some sort of visual notification when a saved view has been changed for V6? It doesn’t look like the thread linked here resulted in any kind of wishlist/bug addition. And the latest 1/11/16 WIP looks to work the same as V5.

I think this is an area that deserves attention - the muddling of viewport name vs named view and the lack of any signal that a named view has changed from the saved view.

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Thanks for nudging this one. I couldn’t find anything in the bug tracker either so I wrote this one…

Please check it out and let me know if I got anything wrong.

Thanks, Brian! Thinking on it more though, an even better overall solution, also mentioned in that linked discussion, is a viewport ‘lock view’ feature along with the saved view change signal. With a lock option something as subtle as an * could be enough for a saved view change.

The situation I and some other users are trying to prevent is accidentally panning or zooming in a view that is specifically intended to remain unchanged. The signal change will tell us the saved view is no longer the present view, which is still a necessary item, but doesn’t solve another problem - not wanting the view to be able to change in the first place.

Thanks for listening!

you captured it well Brian. I have lots many many many hours of work over the years because of this incorrect viewname label. In my case I use saved view to take screenshots of design variations progress of a project. Think of them as spot motion animation flipbooks so when you flit a page on a PDF/Powerpoint of the Rhino screenshots you can see what we are changing and what is the same (like a size change, or a detail element being different). I have gone to take many screenshots of a file (30+ concepts or variants, that require a lot of viewmode chage, hiding/showing stuff, changing materials/colors/transparency/adding clipping planes, turning layers on/off…) and then add them to my flipbook and realize the views don’t much. And it’s all wasted, I scream, or even cry sometimes.

You guys make me cry, in defeat. That’s not nice. make it stop.

Exactly, Gustavo - I use named views every day to easily view design version renders - when the view shifts, you completely lose that ability to A-B compare versions by flipping through them.

I agree this is a want. I like the “*” plan.