The render engines comparison

Hello, seniors

Which render engine is better, more professional, and faster?

Please mention the advantages of the best engine and tell me how I can use it?

Thank you

Vray 5.
Fast and professional, in my experience.


@sciensman You forget to tell what your goal is, what you want to render. But your question isn’t so new, maybe you find your answer here:


First, thank you for addressing the comprehensive discussion about the different rendering engines relative to Rhino7.

My computer is old and walks with a cane and thick eyeglass LOL

I have only 4 G memory with an old three-core CPU and an ordinary MB. It causes I can not to use the default rendering engine of Rhino7 because it takes time, a lot. So, I’m looking for a fast rendering engine that helps this old man without I lose the high quality of the final picture.

I expect the X rendering engine works ultimately in less than ten minutes with a high-quality result.
At present, I have to get print of my modelings instead of rendering.

I think an old computer and rendering don’t go together. If the default Rhino engine doesn’t work than other solutions will not better work.


That’s not necessarily true. The default Rhino renderer seems way less optimized than many other renderers, especially on macOS.
@sciensman, you can try the Evee renderer in Blender. It’s way less resource hungry, build for speed, even very straightforward to use.


Thank you for the guidance :slight_smile:

So, I should export the Rhino file with .fbx or .obj format and then import it into blender and change the render mode into Evee, right?

Exactly, yes.

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you can also use the add-on Nathan made for Blender : Import_3dm. [you can search the forum for this]
it is very good, will bring all your Rhino File into Blender.