Best render engine for rhino in 2022

Now a days with new update and features of rhino7, its getting more popularity and doing crazy

but still there is a challenge of rendering, i didn’t found new rendering discussion on this forum for the best
rhino rendering engine.

So which software is best for rendering rhino models.

sorry for my English. i am not native English speaker

How is “best” to be determined?

  • Most features and options?

  • Easiest for a novice to use?

  • Most efficient for an experience user to use?

  • Which hardware it works with?

  • Most photo realistic for any geometry and scenes?

  • Most photo realistic for some geometry and scenes?

  • Fastest?

  • Ability to work with very complex model?

  • Etc

There probably is not a single answer.

any software that you can create most photorealistic for any geometry but in fast way.

but till you can recommend some good with there adavantages.

If quick, good and quite great images are your goal then check out TwinMotion. With the direct link plugin it works great even if it is not an integrated sollution.

Thanks i will try it. but still need more discussion on different experiences of different expert.

A good start is for you to show examples of images you want to achieve. Otherwise it will just be guessing and shots in the dark.

We need to know your ambitions, budget, knowledgelevel of photograpic lighting and willingness to invest time in learning and waiting for a rendering to complete. Without that there will never be a discussion.

One of the best pro render engine with a lot of features and continuous stable development is V-Ray for me. Simple question, simple answer. :wink:

I’m to lazy to write a full review. Ask what you want to know. :wink:




There are a number of high quality rendering tools that support Rhino. VRAY, Maxwell, THEA Render, Maverick, Keyshot etc. I’ve used a few different render tools over the years, and currently doing all my visualization work (mostly product related, not architectural or interior design stuff), in THEA Render. You need to evaluate each of the various render tools to determine what fits your needs, and expectations the best. I elected to switch to THEA a few years ago due to it’s ease of use, low cost, excellent quality images, and also it’s completely free-of-charge network rendering capability.

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I agree with your words. I have been using Vray 5 for several months and I find it a perfect render engine, fast and with an amazing image quality. If I wanted, I could post some of my renders made in Vray… :wink:

My personal ranking:
in first place Maxwell render (unbiased, superb quality but very slow). Second place: Vray (excellent quality and speed) along with other render engines: Arnold, Redshift, Thea render, Octane, Corona render, etc. (each has unique characteristics and are equivalent to all).
Towards the end I would insert Keyshot (only for Product Design; its global illumination is very lacking for interior rendering especially).

Vray 5, in my experience, works quite well in Rhino: well implemented, stable and in the latest version, easier to use. :+1:t3:


The best is the one whose output you like. Otherwise people’s idea of best can mean anything.

Also, quick note in regards to Maxwell comments: The original developers that created the “look” and quality have left Maxwell and have been working on BellaRender. (new from scratch without the management issues)

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Enscape also easy to use and i think they joined Chaos company (owner of Vray)


I think you need to specify the type of models and rendering that you would like to do. Each render engine has its strength, weaknesses and a certain style, so matching those characteristics with your goal is the real key to determining “best”.

A couple that are worth mentioning:

  1. The new kid on the block: Bella for Rhino
  2. And of course, the built in Rhino 7 render engine has its place also.

Food4Rhino has a long list.


I used Enscape a few times and I’m very disappointed about the limitations everywhere and the slow development (for example the basic Rhino soft edgening isn’t supported since years). It’s not really a render engine, but it’s a good real time viz tool for architecture use.

I am just learning to use Bella have used Vray for ever and of course always want it better, bit of a learning curve but then again I’m on the elderly end of things. We are rendering our jewelry designs, Bella is excellent for this and I’m sure it works great for other applications

Me, too. The only reason I’m still using it is the excellent asset library.
Limitations all over the place. People in their forum (including me) got really grumpy already.
It’s fast and the look is allright for architectural studies, but the UI is a joke.

I’m glad that V-Ray got an assett library too. It helps a lot to quick fill scenes. It’s not so large like the Enscape library, but the team is open for wishes.

mavericks studio will be nice one

Haven’t used VRay in a long while. How’s it doing speed-wise? There’s a ‘realtime’ preview, yes, but what about production rendering? In Enscape, a 4k picture takes around 20 seconds, depending.