New Render Engine for Rhino 7 - Still Cycles?

I was just wondering if Cycles was still the rendering engine being used for Rhino 7?

The post was titled “New Render Engine in Rhino 7” so I wasn’t sure. The updates look terrific btw. I ask because I use both Rhino and Blender together for a lot of projects. Having the same rendering engine is helpful, so I was wondering if it was still Cycles or if that had changed. I’d hoped one day to be able to transport materials over from Rhino to Blender via Nathan’s awesome importer.


Yes, Cycles is now the engine powering Rhino Render as well as Raytraced.

Awesome, just made my day Nathan! Thanks. I have been using your Rhino to Blender importer like crazy lately. Working on a project where I’m receiving a lot of engineering files that I’m importing into Rhino to do additional work on, then moving them over to Blender for animations. The importer has been a life saver!


which importer?

The import in question is: import_3dm

I’m glad to hear the work we’ve done with @tom_svilans, @fertig and @joel_putnam has been useful to you :slight_smile:

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Hi hitenter,

I think Nathan just replied but it is this one:

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