Best Rendering Engine for Rhino Workflow with Mac

Can anyone recommend the best rendering engine for easy workflow with Rhino Mac?
I often will design buildings and interiors by modeling and trying different materials in realtime. In the past I have used VRAY on windows computers but that doesn’t work on mac and parallels is glitchy.
Is there a program where you can easily update the model in rhino and it updates in the rendering program? Unreal and Blender seem to be a big process for moving between the two.

Thank you!

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Hi Clair,

I recommend to check out Bella render

Created by former Maxwell render developers.

I have been using Maxwell for 10+ years, but since development is somewhat stalling and the rhino integration is not so good since rhino 6, I am switching.



Hi Claire,

you could also start with the integrated Rhino 7 render, which is now based on Cycles from Blender, and its good.



I have had some success with Keyshot in the past. It would be great if V-Ray for mac was developed but last time I checked there has not been any progress made.

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I also recommend Bella.
Very good integration, excellent quality, good speed and actively developed.

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Thanks everyone, super helpful.
Yeah I do get ok results from the Rhino built-in render engine, but find it incredibly slow.
I will give Bella a try, sounds like that is faster!


@Claire_Salinda What did you end up using?