Rendering with Rhino6


I´m relatively new to Rhino and was wondering what be the best solution for rendering from Rhino?
I have used the Rhino render a little bit but don´t seem to be able to make the rendered images to look
as good as I want to. Is the Rhino render something, that I should look more deeply into or should I use an external plug insted?

Many Thanks

You can explore the options here:

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In Rhino 6 I suggest using the Raytraced display mode over the “Render” command. It will use a better render engine that incidentally will be Rhino Render in version 7 and already is if you are using the Rhino 7 WIP. Raytraced mode will allow light to bounce around for more realism which is the biggest difference. Use the ViewCaptureToFile command to save the image.


If it’s photo-realism you’re looking for, then the Rhino render engine isn’t comparable with some of the hi-quality render engines out there. I’d suggest you take a look at THEA, Maxwell and VRAY if it’s best-in-class visuals you want.

Hi Markus, to best answer your question we need to know if you are on Mac or PC and what kind of images you aim to produce. Can you share some examples?
Just find some on internet, or paste your own image and also an example file if you want us to take a look at what can be achieved with vanilla Rhino.

For me the best allround render engine for Rhino is V-Ray for Rhino. A lot of features, great quality and good speed. I use it for a freelance 3D visualization service all days.

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You could take a look at Bella also.


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And also Keyshot, which is great (especially) for product rendering and getting there for interiors and exteriors.

Thea Render also great render engine for rhino you can try.