The path of MapWinGIS entered in Gismo is invalid

Hi @Chen_Jiaxuan ,
Can you search your computer for Interop.MapWinGIS.dll file?
Is it located in the E\R22-Rhion and gh\Food4Rhino\MapWinGIS folder? If it is, can you post a screenshot of how that folder looks like (the files which it contains)?

Thank you.

File content.

The file interop.mapwingis. DLL could not be found.

I re-downloaded the latest MapWinGIS V4.9.6.1x64 and now it is working properly. The interop.mapwingis.dll file is included.Thank you for your help.

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Something went wrong with the first installation of MapWinGIS. I am not sure what happened there.
If you have an issue next time, try:

  1. unblocking the downloaded MapWinGIS-only-v4.9.6.1-x64.exe installation file
  2. right clicking on it and choose: ‘Run as Administrator’.
  3. Then just ‘Next’. ‘Next’ until the installation is complete.

I am glad it works now.