Gismo Open Street Maps not up to date?

Hi, maybe this goes to @djordje. I tried to extract a part of Doha, Qatar. Because of the rapid developed settlements, I figured out that gismo gave me older situations, where many buildings are missing. Because of has the latest situation implemented, I am not sure why gismo gave me old building-, terrain- and street situations.
Maybe someone knows the way how to use the latest maps?

Thanks a lot for your support and help!

Gismo downloads an openstreetmap data, and then after that uses the same downloaded data.
In order to force it to get the latest data from openstreetmap, delete the folder from C:\gismo\osm_files. The folder would be named the same as your _location.
If you don’t know which folder it is, just delete all folder’s with “Doha” in their name at C:\gismo\osm_files.

Thanks for your quick answer. This means to me, that the topicality of the osm files does not depend on the different versions of MapWinGIS?

At the requirements you wrote that all versions of MapWinGIS between to are okay. Unfortunately Gismo do not like my unblocked downloads :frowning: .

Are the different terrain sources always up-to date as well?

Just don’t use MapWinGIS 5 and newer. There have been some API changes with this versions, that Gismo didn’t adapt to, yet.
For current components, you can use any of the to My recommendation would be, as plenty of testing was performed with that exact version.
What is the issue with unblocked downloads?
If you unblock the initial .zip file, then neither of the Gismo component files will be blocked.

With terrain - it is the same as with openstreetmap: Gismo will download a terrain data, and use it. If you would like to have an updated version, you have to delete the file (corresponding to your location name) in C:\gismo\terrain_files folder. Still I wouldn’t do that, as terrain data probably hasn’t been changed. With openstreetmap it can happen, as their database is constantly changing each day.

I’ve installed the version you recommended above and it works.

I still have problems with the map data.

Here you can see the different landscapes from gismo and google earth. (google earth information is in this case equal to the OpenStreetMap situation).

The amount of generated buildings from gismo does not correspond to the real situation that you can see from a satellite picture from google maps

Thanks for your help!

I figured out, that the openstreetmap data is quite old, not up to date at all. Do you know any way how to get some better sources and how to implement them into my gismo?

Openstreetmap depends on the contribution of users to add data.
You can be one of those, and add the outlines of the missing buildings. Here is a small tutorial showing how to add information about building stories or height.
The other solution would be to import a shapefile of Doha by using some other plugin, like Elk for example. The problem may be that a lot of free shapefiles that you will find online, are actually created from openstreetmap data.
Maybe you can ask/send them an email, if Doha’s local municipality has such a file, and if they share it with public.

Unfortunately I do not have enough time at the moment to add information to osm.
I send the Planning and Statistic Authority of Doha an email and they gave me the hint to look here:

Can you tell me which kind of shapefile I should ask for. Does the Shapefile safe any kind of data like streets, buildings, etc. or will it become necessary to get mutiple shapefiles for each aspect (like streets, buildings, etc).

Morover I am not sure how to import the shapefile into gismo.

It seems I was wrong. Elk does not have a shapefile importer but Heron.
Here is small youtube video:

Sometimes shapefiles can include both the buildings and street axes, or they can be separated.

I took a look at your link, I couldn’t find any map containing building outlines.
And even if there are, you can not export them - they allow only SVG vector export type.
This file format is not georeferenced, meaning you will not be able to correctly position the building outlines in Rhino, in case you want to use a terrain as well.

Your problem is not an easy one to solve. It quite often happens that you can not get very precise GIS data for free.

Let’s say I would pay for better GIS data. Do you know a distributor that gives me precise shape files? Would ArcGIS this kind of distributor?

Heron, Meerkat have both shp file importer

where did you find the svg export option :scream: ?

Gismo sort of has it as well, but not as a separate component - as a part of a “OSM shapes” component.
I have been thinking of creating a new “Import Shapefile” component for some time, as only the component icon is missing. However, this may open a plethora of user questions when it comes to coordinate reference systems (“Why doesn’t my imported shape file allign with Gismo terrain, or Gismo openstreetmap data…”).

When you open any of the maps, in the top right corner, there is a “Print” option.
But it seems I was wrong again: SVG export does contain georeference location data:

Yes, try contacting ESRI.