Toolbars gone - Reset doesn't work

Good day everyone,

I’m using the evaluation version of Rhino 5 SR12 (Win).
After a break and restart of the program the toolbars are gone and a “ToolbarReset” does not solve the problem. Also there seems to be no entry/file in Tools->Toolbar Layouts.
The Tabs on top, as well as the context-sensitive sidebar are gone.

From Options>toolbars, can you try to re-load the default workspace (.rui) file? You may need to browse to:


to find it. This is a normally hidden folder, so you may need to temporarily show hidden folders to find it.


Thank you! That was quick and it worked. However, even with “show hidden files” enabled, the “open layout” dialog did not show the file, it had to be drag n dropped from win explorer.

The file had been renamed to end in rui.rui-bak or similar.
Any idea why this happened?

Had that happen to me the other day. Botched shutdown. So I went to toolbars in optiions and used restore default toolbar. Restarted and all was well. Running windows10 here.—Mark

No, that was the backup file, there is always one supplied in the case of trouble. Seems like the original default.rui file “disappeared”…


I am having this same issue. When I delete this rui.rui.bak file it will function fine. My assumption is that this file is somehow corrupt or ???