The materials button vanishes when switching to Vray render

Since updating, the materials button vanishes when switching from rhino render to Vray render. Updating the packages did not resolve this.
Properties tab|533x499

Hi Eric -

Does the button reappear when you switch back to the Rhino Render?

Hi @wim,

Could you split the last two posts into a new thread as they relate to a different topic?


Hi Jeremy -

I’m not disagreeing but was hoping that the answer to my question would indicate just how much of a different topic this is. Sounds like a different category is in order but I’m not sure yet…

Posted it here as i had the same issue not loading the plugins and was assuming my issue was linked.

The button re-appears when switching back, yes.

Thanks - that sounds like a V-Ray issue then. Move to the V-Ray category.

Any solution here? Very annoying that i cannot select Vray materials in the rhino materias tab anymore.


There is no reason for the button to disappear. V-Ray no longer overrides EnableCreateMaterialButton() and EnableEditMaterialButton(). The tab button itself, is removed by Rhino for some reason, but this is the first time I ever see this case. It is certainly not a problem for all the other users.
Could you:

  1. report V-Ray and Rhino versions.
  2. possibly update both of them
  3. do you have any other custom plugins enabled ?

V-Ray for Rhinoceros 6 3.60.03

Build: 03 Hash: 25ae2bc Date: Jul 3 2018

V-Ray NeUI Version: 1.1.6 Build: 2024 Hash: f2540dc Date: Jul 3 2018

V-Ray Core Version: 3.60.04

V-Ray AppSDK Version: 1.24.02

Rhino: Version 7
(7.4.21078.1001, 2021-03-19)

No changes to other plugins.

So you run V-Ray for Rhino 6 3.60.03 in Rhino 7 ?
Brave, but that is not supported.
The installer does not give you an option to install for 7, and for strong reasons
In fact I expect it crashes all the time.

V-Ray for Rhino 3.60.03 is not supported anymore either. System Requirements - V-Ray 5 for Rhino - Chaos Help

I think in the times of 3.x we still used to override EnableCreateMaterialButton(). But the main focus there was still Rhino 5

I suggest you run that particular version of V-Ray in Rhino 6

Did you try resetting the toolbars?