The document "xxxx" could not be autosaved

I get the attached error message a lot. I don’t understand the message, since it does not seem to make sense. What “other application” could possibly have changed the file(s) in question? I always click on “Save Anyway”

I am running OS X 10.7.5 Lion, one of the operating systems recommended by McNeel

Not anymore…


Aha, that must have changed recently.

Time to upgrade, or get a new computer.

Hi Mitch,

I get that pop up sometimes and I’m using the most up to date WIP and pre-Yosemite OS, it seems to cro up after I’ve saved small and then go to close the file a little later.

Any ideas?


I have various custom shortcuts in use, for e.g. “SS” for Save.

When I use the regular shortcut [cmd] - [S] after having used “SS”, I get the same error message, even using the latest version 2014-10-14 (5A552).

I verified that the file was actually saved by copying it after using the shortcut “SS”, which always leaves the file “header” info (a.k.a. file name) as “Edited”, but the copied file was actual.

Seems that custom shortcuts which trigger the save command don´t set the correct flags that Rhinoceros itself saved the file …


I don’t have any shortcuts for saving. That error message just shows up seemingly randomly. It never makes sense to me, since I can’t figure out what “other application” could have saved the file(s) in question.

I always choose “Save Anyway”.

Could you post what exactly you have as the command for your SS alias? That will let me attempt to duplicate this.



I could duplicate this. This will be fixed in the next WIP release.