The document could not be autosaved



Hi there,
When I return to my workplace after a longer break I have to Force quit Rhino since the error “The document could not be autosaved. The file doesn’t exist” shows up. The original file is located on a server but that was never a problem until now. It’s very annoying since the file can’t be saved/duplicated manually anymore and the objects can’t be copy-pasted into another file.

Any suggestions?

(Dan Belcher) #2

Sorry for the very delayed reply. Are you still experiencing this problem in the latest Rhino update (5.4.2)?


Do you have any special characters in the file name? I have seen some other applications have problems autosaving those.


@dan I think the problem is gone with 5.4.2 since I haven’t seen the error for a while :wink:
@bigjimslade There have not been any special characters in the file name


@dan I think the problem returned with version 5.5.2. I don’t experience it that often anymore but it still happens especially when working on large files located on the server. Maybe it is also our network connection which interrupts for a second. Anyway it’s very annoying that the file can’t be re-saved or overwritten in this case. I need to force quit and sometimes loose the last 10 minutes of work since the last auto-save.