"Could not be autosaved. File has been changed..." every time!

If I create a new document, save it to the desktop, and then try to close it, I am asked if I want to save it. When I click save it pops up with this dialog. When I hit “save anyway”, it doesn’t seem to save correctly because it asks every time I try to close it.

I am getting the hunch that this is why I had a document last week that mysteriously reverted to a previous state, removing a bunch of my work :sob:

A little update, this dialog seems to come up if I manually hit save before closing. If I just try to close the document, it asks me to save and closes just fine. If I manually save before closing, it asks me again if I want to save, then pops up with this.

I just noticed there was an update today addressing an issue with saving. I’ll test with that.

This was resolved.

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Yep, sorry about that. It should be fixed now in the latest RhinoWIP.

That said, there are still some known issues with using the _Save command we intend to address (you can reproduce this bug with that command).