Rhino for Mac - Autosave & Files on Server Problems

Hello –

I recently started using Rhino on the Mac again after using the Windows version for some time. I recalled that the Mac version implemented the autosave function instead of the older backup (3dmbak) format. However, after using it for a bit I ran into the problem that this doesn’t work when working with a file on our server. When attempting to save, I receive the error: “The document “name” is on a volume that does not support permanent version storage. You will not be able to access older versions of this document once you close it.” If you click “OK” you can save the file, but that means if you crash you will lose your work and there seems to be no backup.

So first, our server is a Synology Diskstation. Is there a way to use Rhino for Mac and the Autosave function if working with files off the Synology?

Second, I found a help page that discusses Autosave and mentions a method to disable it. While disabling Autosave gets around that error and seems to offer the more familar File menu, it doesn’t seem to re-enable the older backup format (.3dmbak files). Is that correct? Is there a way to turn those on if you disable Autosave or does disabling autosave mean there is no backup file created while working in Rhino on the Mac?

i have not experience with Synologie Diskstations, has it got its own mirroring backup system or do you directly write on it? does it make several back ups timely?

@joebot I’ve done some testing with a network file server and added a new section titled “Auto Save with network file servers” to https://wiki.mcneel.com/rhino/mac/autosaving that should answer your questions.

@marlin: If I understand the decription correctly, working on a server with a mac gives you no recovery options? We have one guy in our office on mac, and he is experiencing rhino crashing more often than others, but he is the only one with no recovery options?

I have also been experiencing issues when working off of a server. Once a file reaches 80-100 MB, it appears the file is autosaving - with a pause of 2-3 seconds between every other command. This is very frustrating to work with and I can’t seem to find the settings to fix this. All in all I find the Rhino implementation of the Auto Save frustrating and inconvenient compared to the Windows way of saving. Besides it apparently isn’t the only way to do this on Mac. Other programs such as Word or even Photoshop and Illustrator use the same (windows) method of saving files. Which makes this choice hard to understand.

Hi @sampling,
If what you want is to disable autosave you can do that on the advanced settings