Autosave issues + Crash

A couple things happened in sequence:

  1. I had a rhino crash (of my own making)
  2. I reopened mac rhino, and it recovered an autosave document
  3. Issue #1 I tried and was unable to save the autosave document — it behaved as though it was already saved, and when I tried to move it to a new location, it wouldn’t let me.
  4. I opened a new document, copied everything from the old one, pasted it into the new one
  5. I realized there was a hidden picture frame object, went back to the autosave doc, unhid, grabbed that, copied
  6. Issue #2 tried to paste in the new document, when I got a crazy crash — first Rhino went demanding permission to access my downloads, my pictures, my calendar, my contacts (!), and then finally crashed. Here is the crash report: rhino crash report.txt (4.2 MB)

Sorry I don’t have more details on issue #1 — if I can reproduce it, I’ll post more info.

More autosave issues — I have a recovered file image

I can’t save it, can’t “Move to…”, got an error message when trying to relocate the file — it acted like it was some kind of locked in the autosave folder.

Hi @andheum Apologies on the delay in any McNeel feedback here until now (you can always email as well if needed). Can you use the SaveAs command to save the recovered file as a new name? You can also get a SaveAs option on Mac in the File menu of Rhino by holding Option.

Regarding the first issue, yes Rhino will need file and folder access granted in Settings > Security and Privacy > Files and Folders. Did the same crash persist after granting that access for macOS?

FYI @dan if you have any ideas here as well.

This is mind-bendingly weird. The contacts one does make some sense. That’s likely the - a process that Rhino launches to watch for crashes - trying to auto-fill your email address in the crash-report form. I’d like to remove the bit of code that does that, as even the question that macOS asks you is really jarring. “You want access to my address book?” No, not really, we just want to see what your entry for “Me” is…but that’s even a bridge to far I think.

As for calendar, my pictures…I’m stumped. I can think of no places where we’d attempt to ask for those entitlements.