The 3D-Volume-Voronoi Information Thread

Nice! @Ryan14 lots of good threads there. :beers:

I ran out of likes for the day so I’ll have to push that button tomorrow :sunglasses:

I’m going to browse and link things here later too.

Ok, so this is a link to the version I was using this last May, which was a culmination from yrs of research and files I found from @DanielPiker I’m pretty sure.

I never quite understood what’s totally going on in that file. But I plan to do more work and compiling. Then I’ll upload new mods, and maybe others I find shared n’ stuff, so…

I’ll try n’ post better demonstrations soon.

I almost fell asleep waiting for this to calculate lol:

this was one of the recent projects I was working on this, later I’ll try posting more examples

I’m not original author of this GH file, I think @DanielPiker is

My dream for the future is to have a recipe that calcs faster and has more control :sunglasses:

My overall goal is to gain control over the core geometry of how solids will print in true 3D. Tangentially, I’ll need to get a slicer program to recognize the core geometry as the same mesh as the outer shell geometry :thinking: :thought_balloon:

I also hope to be able to understand what I’m looking at on these components in GH :sweat_smile:

But if someone can make us users a Rhino button Eto thingamagjig, that’s fine too :grin:

I’ll be using this as the current base point reference, and comparing anything else available to come up with the ultimate best recipe: (33.8 KB)

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