Building Porous Fungi structure grasshopper

Hi! I am industrial design student trying Grasshopper for some time but i find it quite hard when it comes to achiving structure in the photo below.

I’m trying to make a porous structure where I can change the pore sizes and also density. I want to design basic structure can be in further process applied to any shape. I came across article about building foam structures:

Maybe this can be a way to achive it but I am quite stuck. I would really appreciate some help with this!

Thank you and waiting for some tips!!

you will find many many example of structure like the one in the paper. In old Grasshopper3d

but this seems not really like your image. If you really want to make it you’ll have to work a bit more on the key characteristic of this structure. Is it open structure (a fluid can go every where) a closed cell …
I recently helped on this

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Great I will look into it! Thank you!
If I have some problems I will get back

so I’m back with getting more assistance in this. I saw your last script, but unfortunately Dendro doesn’t work on Mac, but from the screenshots it kinda look similar to what I want. I also tried with voronoi but it’s not possible to achieve an interwoven structure with it (or is it?) .

Here is the basic script with voronoi: (14.3 KB)

Any adivce would be much appreciated!