Voronoi Mesh Rabbit Grasshopper

I’ve been running the calcs on the file from work on this I left off on last november.

Finally got it generated.

Pretty sure I modified the best stuff I could find in the forum(s) related to GH, so I’m sure someone will recognize some of the setup.

I remember that I wanted to get it to be more clear and concise but it seemed like there was still some hidden magic going on.

My goal would be to derive something or be able to use something that is very simplistic that works easily on any solid model.

new_mods.gh (29.4 KB)

I think last time I was working on this, I was trying to create core geometry for 3D printing. The calculation time was very extensive and the results were a bit undesirable or very sensitive to adjustments. …

Later I’ll have to look into this again, and see if I can figure anything out but I think @DanielPiker was a big help in the initial file and maybe one other person if I can remember where I extracted the original data if I’m not mistaken.

I remember over all it was very hard to find much of anything on actual ‘volume’ versions of this ‘voronoi’ style modeling. I’ve been very interested in this approach for many years and look forward to working on it more and more until I see all users with a simple toolset that can make this much easier.

I’m not even sure how much I modified it really maybe only a few percent from the original versions that were shared. And seems like I only understood 40% of how it was setup at the time.

Ultimately, I’d like better control throughout the entire volume, not just necessarily the core.