How do i maintain an absolute texture scale throughout my model?

I am currently using Vray 3.6 along with rhino 6. I have a set of planting beds that are very different sizes and im trying to apply a texture to them using Vray. However after applying, the textures are coming out very different on each object (please see image attached). Ive tried changing the “repeat U/V” options however this hasnt really worked. Any ideas ?

you might want to try the Triplanar texture. This way the size will not be determined anymore by the object’s texture mapping but by the size defined in the Triplanar texture.

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Additional a box mapping could be applied to all objects to see the right mapping size at the viewport.

@Nikolay Couldn’t be possible to get an option to get an internal automatic applied box mapping based on the triplanar setup?

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If you aren’t aware, there is a ‘match’ button on the Rhino texture mapping toolbar:


So if you get one object set up (with a projection mapping) the way you like it then you can match multiple other objects in one click. It works for me in Vray 3.6:

Left sphere and cylinder are not matched to the cube, right ones are.

Note you have to use a Rhino mapping for match to work. Adjusting the material in Vray won’t change the object mapping.

The initial mapping is determined by Rhino, not by V-Ray. In Rhino an object always has a some sort of mapping applied and that is usually a “surface” mapping. There is no point to apply mapping internally, since that will most probably differ from what you see in the Rendered or Raytraced viewports.

In my mind you should set the mapping in Rhino, not in V-Ray. The rendered viewport mode is used more or less for that. We do our best to match that mapping with the renderer. This gives you a single source of truth.

@Nikolay I more think about it and refined my idea. If the user set a triplanar mapping for example at size 10, than a little button like “translate to box mapping” at V-Ray texture UI could allow to get a raw impression of the triplanar map scale per translated box mapping parameters.

Right, the user could manual apply a box mapping at size 10, but perfect would be if the V-Ray texture transformations parameters and the triplanar settings could be translated to box mapping options for viewport use. So, the V-Ray triplanar mapping could be approximated at the rendered viewport.