Texture Mapping Material Not Rendering As In Viewport

Hi there! I am mapping a Floor Boards material on a surface and I want to change the UVW repeat. I am working in the Rendered Viewport and when I change the UVW Repeat in the Texture Mapping Options the boards rescale accordingly to what I have entered. However, the change takes place ONLY in the Rendered Viewport workspace, when I actually render the wooden boards remain the same. So the material is mapped-appears differently in the Rendered Viewport than to when it is actually rendered.

Any help/advice would be much appreciated as i cannot find a solution for days. Thanks in advance!

What version of Rhino are you using (Mac wip, Windows v5, v4 etc.) and is there a rendering plugin you are using as well? The Rendered viewport display mode and the Raytraced actual rendering are not always the same if the plugin doesn’t fully support the Rhino texture mapping or basic material. It depends largely on the active render engine and the material used.

Hi Brian! Thanks for your reply! Well I’m using Rhino 5 and Vray to render. I still haven’t solved this issue. Thanks in advance for any possible advice!

Hi all,
Yes Vray doesn’t support all the mapping features, it doesn’t support the repeating options and the viewport doesn’t support the tiling options of V-Ray materials.
It’s a known issue.