V-Ray 3.4 material scaling question

Hello, I’m having some trouble with the scale of materials using V-Ray 3.4. I’m new to it so more used to Vray 1.5 and Vray 2 alongside blender for Rhino where I think the way you control how “big” a material looks on the surface is different I guess (or easier to find at least).

Attaching an image for reference, the wood grain is massive compared to the actual size of the house.
A noob question probably, but can someone point me in the right direction to how I can make the material scale more appropriately?

Thanks :slight_smile:

UV map .

Could you please point me to that with some more details? :slight_smile:

See this topic

Cool, thanks! I was trying through the VRay interface, guess that’s simpler

Basically you would be okay if you just select your whole scene, use “box mapping” - bounding box, capped. Then change the box size to 1000x1000x1000 mm and that’s it. You can reposition, rotate or change size of the mapping box afterwards.