Texture scaling


How to prevent the texture from scaling - all the surfaces are set to default surface texture mapping?


Hi Cadmaster,
use planar mapping and MoveEdge command.

(Brian James) #3

Hi Dedo,

The default of surface mapping uses the surface UV in each to define the texture width and height. As violine mentioned, if you use a Planar mapping method for all three using this mapping option in object properties with all three surfaces selected, you can achieve a uniform texture across all.

I would also suggest holding down the shift key when drawing the planar mapping widget. This keeps the aspect square and often matches most textures that have been made tilable.

Vray or Thea for Rhino

Thanks for the help. But this behavior is very annoying and unusual! If i have a cabinet made from the same sheet good all my parts have different texture scaling! In SketchUP texture scaling is the same unless You change it individually.

(Brian James) #5

This is something that comes down to a default choice in a rendering engine. I’d suggest looking at Flamingo nXt if you want the mapping to automatically be viewed based on a real world scale vs surface domain.


I have been curious for years about this mapping question. Maxwell makes it so easy with that Real Scale button. Is that difficult to implement in Rhino? I end using maxwell for texturing even when I’m not using it to render but things get complicated when using Neon because HDRI is not available or transferable… once again: SO CLOSE!